Backdated: Productive Day

Written at 1:34 PM Tuesday, but didn’t get a chance to type it up on here (seeing as I hand-wrote it).

I got a new moleskine journal… but it’s red. =( I wanted a black one. I’m not a flashy sort of a person, least not with journals. I think I will use the cahier moleskines for notes and short written pieces.

4:05PM – Okay, so anyway it’s been an emotional rollercoaster kind of a day. =/ As we were headed back to campus from downtown I almost started crying!

Why am I portrayed as the perpetual listening friend? I tried to tell a story and they didn’t even let me finish. *sigh* And they haven’t stopped talking since I got here to her room. Ugh I think my ears are going to bleed. Right now I just want to shoot my brains out… I can’t take it. I feel like interrupting their never-ending stories and yell that I didn’t finish what I was saying.

It’s not that I’m superior, but am I the only considerate person? Or maybe my friends just aren’t. There are only so many people I know and I can’t just exchange them all you know? -_-;

9:32 PM – Rona and I are friends again.

Watching A Clockwork Orange now.

Alright, watched half of it. I’m getting kinda sleepy.

I’m glad Eric and I are talking again. Too bad he always has the same problem (but hopefully – no longer?)… Can’t believe this guy was once my best friend. Haha…

Bonded with Kae today! It was pretty dope. =)

Mkies. 11 PM. I go to sleep now!!!

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