DayMay 11, 2008


I suddenly feel very sad. Inexplicable. It happened as I was listening to SKSK, but I don’t really think it was the song, though they were screaming out, “She’s sinking, she’s sinking.”

My fingers move to type something but nothing comes to mind.

I don’t feel anything at all.

Confusion. Abandonment. Though I do feel like a child right now. I don’t like it. You never have anything to say when I need you most. There’s nothing to say. If you understand the most you can say is, “I know” and if you don’t then it’s like, “Okay…”

I’m listening to my crying playlist right now. And then I can say I feel something, and it was all the music, nothing internal.

Too much thought is bad for you.

Recurring thoughts. Daydreams, actually.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I just… don’t know.