The Day Extravaganza Went Down

This morning I awoke at 6:15 to start getting ready for the longest day of my life.

I was at Harder Stadium since 8am this morning until 9:30pm. A bit over a thirteen hour work day. Carrying super heavy shit all over the place. WalkingRunning back and forth all over the stadium. Working the entire info booth and merch all day long. Fucking amazingly announcing Saosin on stage!!!! And picking up, cleaning, loading stuff pack into cars afterward. Just… X ’08 cannot be put into words; it was ineffable.

I took (silly) mini notes all day long though:

  • I saw a girl wearing the same bra as me early on in the day.
  • This girl I look up to in terms of fashion complimented my make-up (and throughout the day shit loads of people said they loved it, too.) This made me happiest of all. ♥ I take a lot of pride in knowing how to apply my eyeliner so wellllll. XD; Yeah, I just wear eyeshadow sometimes, and always eyeliner. And chapstick, but that doesn’t count. Oh happy day!!
  • Croissants are delicious.

Anyway, wow Extravaganza was so fucking successful and everything went by so smoothly. I am so NOT going to the after party. I don’t think I can move anymore. And I stupidly even went to the gym last night. lmao.

This weekend was full of accomplishment.

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