Everybody Hurts

I need to continue (and gather in one place) all the rules I need to live by for a happy life.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are so bleh-ish.

I feel very mixed-state-ish. Hard to explain. It feels good not caring. But then I started crying because I read a suicide letter a 10-year old wrote. It’s so coincidental that the week I’m arguing with my mother in emails about bipolar disorder is the same week Newsweek has three articles (including the cover story) on the disorder.

Every time someone has twittered today I’ve jumped at my phone. Tuesdays and Thursdays typically mean no human contact (until night time, except today). So I haven’t seen anyone or spoken to anyone except for Anna at lunch and Rona at dinner. I can’t stay trapped in my own mind all day; I fall into so deep a depression I’ve done stupid things on these days before.

One Tuesday I just literally never got up out of bed and the other I drugged myself to stay asleep for 20 hours.

I totally owned my Ethics midterm yesterday. I knew everything! It was a piece of cake, seriously. And the information hasn’t left my brain, like… I just know/love the material. (: Unfortunately my Phil 3 (Critical Thinking) midterm went so poorly I wouldn’t be surprised if I failed the whole midterm. But you know, you win and you lose some. Least I did well on the first Phil 3 midterm so there is still time to redeem myself on the final (and I can still keep turning in all the homework). Ohoh, and math midterm tomorrow. Argh.

So You Think You Can Dance is tonight, in a few minutes!! Finally something to do today.

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