Anything Goes

Train ride. Last minute plans, I suppose. My family decided to have a barbecue tomorrow and so that sort of gave me a reason to go home or whatever. Admittedly, it made me extremely happy knowing there would be something to do this weekend and people to spend it with even though they didn’t initially want me there (because everyone kept saying they were busy meaning there’s no point in me going back home). Anyway, that’s something else entirely.

Alright, a personal motto… Steve asked me to make one and I intend on making one. Though the deadline was by the next time we talk. Lol, if that’s any time soon I will not have a personal motto. It needs to reflect human passion. Everything I can kind of think of sounds negative and says nill about my ‘human passion’. For starters, how do I live my life?

– People can do whatever they want. (Think Mill’s On Liberty)
– Emotion is weakness. [Yet, I have an overabundance of emotion and I am weak.]
– (Unlike Steve) It takes a combination of hard work and natural talent to succeed. (Think Aristotle)
– Happiness requires effort.
– Sleep is optional.

I’m getting rather sleepy. I could take a nap. Three hours on this train and all. Might as well do it sooner than later. Get sleep over with.

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