Doritos The Quest

Family bbq yesterday was super fun. And the fun continued on today… All the girls went to the mall to shop. (: I got two new pairs of jeans and then some necessities (I ran out of hand soap, body wash, face lotion, and body lotion all at the same time… o_o).

About seven weeks ago I sent in my champagne diamond ring to be sized and FINALLY it was ready slash back. Oh em gee… so damn shiny. So pretty… so fabulous. ^_^ Now it fits perfectly. So shiny….. lol…

Anyway, aside from going out and about I spent my night yesterday (from 10pm to 1am) playing at, a viral ad campaign for the new Mountain Dew flavored Doritos. The puzzles were extremely difficult (for me)… but I managed to get through them. Now I’m caught up and have to wait 13 days for chapter 3 of the puzzle to be released. (: If you have a lot of free time and love puzzles you should try.




By no means are these the solutions. In fact these are my failed attempts… lolol. In any case, the game is addicting, headache-inducing, but overall just complicated. TRY IT~

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