Condensation and Precipitation

Geek topic. I’m sleeping over at Nefertiti’s tonight!

I am so exhausted.

Now is the time for bullet points:

  • Manicure/pedicure in the morning with aunts
  • Not once did I use my debit card this weekend.
  • I got $50 for putting on baby powder.
  • My playlist at the barbeque was more than successful.
  • Cookiewichs are the bestest.
  • Went to the jewelery district in downtown L.A.┬áthis morning.
  • Doritos The Quest took up a large part of my life this weekend and it was so so so difficult slash entertaining slash amazing.
  • I got my diamond ring back. Omgz. So fucking shiny.
  • I got a Tumblr account.
  • I got a Brightkite account.

Wow, I realized this weekend just how much I missed my family. (: I’ll be going back tomorrow night (even though I got back at 6:45pm today) because I have a concert to go to in Hollywood on Thursday night. Yey for that!!

The stars shine bright.

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