Alright, well the day didn’t start off so well. I WAS going to go back to UCSB this morning and then come back later tonight but ugh… I was so tired that I kind of just said forget it. But now I feel extremely guilty not having attended class. Not once have I missed Ethics or Math this quarter (well, ’till today). =\

The only reason I’m staying this weekend is because I have to babysit Chris on Saturday. Mom and all the women in the family (except me and lil’ Midori-chan), and family friends are going to a hotel, taking photos, spa, etc. and then going to watch Sex and the City.

What sucks is that I didn’t bring my macbook with me since I thought I was only staying until this morning. T_T I feel incomplete. Luckily I have clothes here I guess, but all my fave stuff is in my dorm. *emo tears* AND, I found all my size 1 jeans/clothes… … … that was a depressing reality check. Definitely it’s time to get back into action~! lol…

Okay so yesterday I was in a much better mood than I am today. My little brother and I got into an argument (and he’s now punished – forbidden from playing any video games for a MONTH). Yeah, it was a bad argument and I was being responsible and lalala… but he fucking got out of control. So before I go on about how amazing Thrice and Circa were last night I think I’m going to make a list of things…

  • G3xwk
  • Yg
  • HHCl?

Okay yes that nonsensical list means something to me.

Argh, I’m in too bad a mood to describe yesterday. In short: Amazing. Fun. Danced. Sang lots. Drenched in sweat, and not just mine… >>; hahaha…

Cuts and bruises.

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