DayJune 2, 2008


Things I Did Well Today:

  • small breakfast
  • moderate lunch
  • drank 8 cups of water
  • Walked to campus this morning
  • Ran a mile in the evening
  • Push-ups
  • Took my vitamins
  • Did not eat my dinner entree because I ate too many appetizers (I get full so fast =\ )
  • Talked to Marilyn in her office
  • Made plan with Nefi for Thursday

Things I Did Not Do Well On:

  • Dinner at the Elephant Bar… (appetizers galore)
  • Did not attend Phil 3 this morning.
  • Decided to forget about my 10 am appointment

Lol, the good definitely outweighs the bad. 😀

*sigh* Today I attended my last ever Program Board meeting (aside from summer board, which I will be on). The meeting was rather short and afterward the new board had their meeting (which I wish I had been a part of) and we all went to dinner at The Elephant Bar.

It’s good to be back at UCSB and back to my regularly scheduled programming life.

Since I left my cell phone back at home I see this as a sign that I should reactivate my iPhone. ^_^ That’s what I might go do tomorrow. Yey-ness! Actually, I did miss my iPhone a bunch… Argh, just so torn because my Sony Ericcsson is so damn cute and purple and has the best ring tone ever… Oh too torn!

Dancing with the midnight sun♥