DayJune 3, 2008

What A Day!

I need to make this brief as I only have so much time before midnight.

Since I left my super cute cellphone at my mom’s I was forced to reactivate my iPhone today (or I’d be cellphone-less for over a week). Surprisingly I wasn’t that stoked on doing that because they’re so restricting and lalala. Anyway since I had to reactivate it I figured I might as well make the best of it; I jailbroke my iPhone! (: For the first time, too. It was a piece of cake using ZiPhone. 😀 This is very very very exciting!

Mm, I spent the day mostly with Nefertiti, but a bit of that was spent with Rona. AT&T Store, Borders, and lunch and dinner. (:

Watched Honey and What Lies Beneath today. ^_^ Funfun.