DayJune 8, 2008

What’s life like bleeding on the floor?

Alright so there was no entry for Saturday. Sure it means I missed a day in Blog 365 but I’m not going to be hard on myself. I’m still here at 3am typing up an entry and that’s what counts. At 11:40 I was going to handwrite something but then my friend and I started talking (as we were doing laundry) and that took priority over ze blog. And I don’t mind! (:

I have to say I had a great 4 hours with Carina this evening/morning. We talked about so much, revealed so much, and it was rather comfortable just relaxing. Finally someone I can talk to (besides just the very lovely Elizabeth)!! Talk about exciting!

Right now I’m just a little too exhausted to make this a great entry… I wrote in my moleskine what I really wanted to anyway. And writing is for me, and no one else so no need to publicize my innermost thoughts ey?

I wrote one essay today (out of three). And packed like half-ish of all my stuff. How’s that for productivity? >_>; It was just one of those lazy days. I’m in no particular mood … just … stagnant. Uh, but that word doesn’t have a positive connotation. Yes, okay then it works. Heyhey well at least I did my laundry. Though I still have to wash my sheets. Fuck, I hate packing.

Though I did find some old blog entries I printed out because they are of some significance to me…! So much reflection going on in those entries, I love it!

I got lots o’ compliments today! Not on looks or anything (lmao ‘cus today I looked like shit) (edit: wait, two were on looks lol! forgot all about those)… but on other stuff and it made me happy! (: Like any normal person, I like feeling appreciated. ^_^ I compliment people all the time and only ever so rarely get any myself (grrr)… so it’s just nice when people take note of accomplishments and shit like that.

Lalala. This entry is kinda whatever-ish and rather informal. I’m tired. There are things I want to say, though… gah. Mm, I’ll just write it later when I have the energy.


(I fear the title is too good for this post… *sigh* It gives the impression of something a lot more interesting – maybe I’ll just edit this entry when I wake up.)