DayJune 9, 2008

A blanket of snow and cups of ice cold water

My dorm is on the ninth floor of Francisco Torres South tower. My window overlooks the mountains… usually. Today it looks like a sheet of the brightest white paper is covering my window, but it’s the fog. The fog is moving at high speeds right outside my window and there is no limit to the sky’s depth. Coincidentally I also have the window open so I can feel the breeze. Most people get cold in my room the moment they walk in (on non-foggy days) so it’d probably burn their hearts coming in here. And I don’t know what that means.

I went to bed at 6am Sunday morning. It hadn’t struck me how late it had become until I saw that it was light outside. After I woke up I began work on the second essay. And today I finished the third, just 3 hours before it was due. Right in the nick of time.

The iPhone 3G was announced at WWDC this morning. I followed the progress of it thanks to @macrumors on Twitter. A lot of exciting new features including built-in GPS, App Store, 3G internet (by far probably the best feature!), and just tons more in addition to the new sleek look of the phone. July 11. It is coming. ♥

Now I have to keep packing as I’m going back home tomorrow afternoon.