The Toss and the Shattering of Glass (Here’s The Plan)

Yesterday I got back home sometime after 8pm. It was definitely a rough start coming back. About an hour after being back my mom told me she had gotten my purple Sony Ericsson and started using it because her cellphone stopped working. Naturally I was slightly upset (though I really shouldn’t have been), and told her that she could have at least asked. Uh… well she got VERY ANGRY and threw my ex-cell on the granite countertop making the back and the battery go flying elsewhere.

My mother then exclaimed that if she can’t have a phone neither could I. She got the house phone, called AT&T and canceled my phone. Yeah, I got kinda pissed but decided there was really no point getting mad. (Well I’ve been a little too apathetic to get mad anyway.) I didn’t really make too big a deal about it.

Knowing that I would get kind of depressed I went straight to bed at 9pm.

Today I went on as planned and went to an AT&T store to get my own cell phone plan for my iPhone. Yey! Another step towards financial independence. It was funny because in the car I told my friends that the first question they were going to ask me was, “Are you over 18?” Lmao, and sure enough that was exactly the first question they asked. The guy said I don’t look anywhere near 18, but yo! I’m 19.

Then Elizabeth, Vy, Jean, and I hung out. So much fun!!! (: Later in the night we watched So You Think You Can Dance!!! 😀 AHHH so exciting! Love this show~

Mm, so I just got back home and my mom and I have made up. After she got mad she got sad that I got mad that she borrowed my phone (yeah…). Anyway, she bought me blackberries and strawberries and mangoes!! (: All is good. And I feel good, too, that I’m more financially independent.

Everything is going to be okay.

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