DayJune 12, 2008

And Did You Know That I Really Wanted To Share These Moments With You?

This post will lack literary value. Too much. This calls for a list!

  • DMV to get a new sticker for the Lexus.
  • First smog check ever for the Lexus.
  • Manicure with Mom.
  • The Lexus is now mine. ^_^; Teehee. Exciting!
  • Yoshinoya (but ugh didn’t like mine – too salty. Emo!)
  • Drove to the Apple store in Pasadena.
  • Brian’s 4th grade class presented some animation movies they spent 5 months working on! They were really amazing.
  • Bakery and cafe!
  • Lakers fuhreaking LOST. WHAT THE HELL. Seriously, most disappointing upset considering they were up and winning for most of the game!
  • SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. So so so so so sad. (I think the disco dancers should have been in the bottom three couples, but that’s just me.)

Here’s a picture of a Lexus IS300:

Mom’s old car. She has a BMW now so since it was just you know, there, it’s now mine. Pwuahahaha. *ahem* Keeping professionalism, OMFG!!!~ (: I love this sports car. *dies of joy* So fast, so smooth, so damn elegant, so… MINE. ^_^;

I really wish you were hereā™„ I’ll keep dreaming.

P.S. On a completely unrelated side note: Steve is super amazingly cute and awesome.