DayJune 13, 2008

Dew Drops in the Heat of the Afternoon

Today has been incredibly boring. I woke up very late (at 11, which is hella late for me) only to take a shower, watch a movie and pretty much waste my day away doing nothing at all. Ugh, I hate days of non-productivity. And I just woke up from a nap.

Everyone is bored right now. Using Twitter references, @georgecarson and @xsilvercrazex and @misin4mati0n all responded very quickly to my tweet:

Just woke up from a nap. So terribly bored. GAHHH.

There just has to be something to do. Uh, but I’m probably not going to find out what that is. Lmao. *shrugs* Another boring Friday night; mine tend to be quite boring.

The only thing of note that happened today was that my mom finally spoke strongly to my little brother that he needs to eat (as he’s been refusing to eat to stay thin). The kid has some serious body perception issues.

Right now, cutesy Perlita is lying at my feet on the couch. She’s the most adorable lil’ dog ever. She’s the reason I like dogs now, but I am so very picky. Lol… basically I can’t move because if I do Perlita won’t be as comfortable. XD;

Fo’ sho end here. Still really bored.