DayJune 14, 2008

Hypomania: A Likely Culprit

I feel rather good about myself today. Imperfections and all. You know, acceptance. I like myself as a human today. Considering this, I am going to take this opportunity to identify 20 things I like about myself. This is one of my 101 Goals in 1001 Days and it’s about time this simple task was completed.

  1. I like how pretty and pink my lips are.
  2. I like how virtuous I am (and having a personal moral code and sticking to it).
  3. I like the variety that is my music taste.
  4. I like being so logical about other people’s problems, yet being able to empathize.
  5. I like being so petite.
  6. I like that I’m a Pisces (traits that supposedly come with the package – if you believe in that stuff).
  7. I like the fact that I’m such a good listener. I appreciate this quality in myself a lot.
  8. I like the way I dance.
  9. I like my photography skills (even though there is room for improvement still of course).
  10. I like being able to be really funny/silly and profound/serious; makes me very approachable for anything.
  11. I like how cutesy I am (in all respects).
  12. I like the fact that I make a lot of goals to live my life, AND follow through with them.
  13. I like being bipolar – it adds some kind of depth somehow somewhere to my personality.
  14. I like the way I accept being wrong, or accepting when I’ve made mistakes.
  15. I like being able to feel as much as I do.
  16. I like the way I do my makeup (I got skillz!).
  17. I like it that I give people compliments all the time (and yes, I am sincere about it).
  18. I like the way I’m growing up (maturing and the way I’m turning out as an adult).
  19. I like having the ability to change people’s lives (for the better, I hope).
  20. I like being so introspective and extrospective (also, being very observant).