Hypomania: A Likely Culprit

I feel rather good about myself today. Imperfections and all. You know, acceptance. I like myself as a human today. Considering this, I am going to take this opportunity to identify 20 things I like about myself. This is one of my 101 Goals in 1001 Days and it’s about time this simple task was completed.

  1. I like how pretty and pink my lips are.
  2. I like how virtuous I am (and having a personal moral code and sticking to it).
  3. I like the variety that is my music taste.
  4. I like being so logical about other people’s problems, yet being able to empathize.
  5. I like being so petite.
  6. I like that I’m a Pisces (traits that supposedly come with the package – if you believe in that stuff).
  7. I like the fact that I’m such a good listener. I appreciate this quality in myself a lot.
  8. I like the way I dance.
  9. I like my photography skills (even though there is room for improvement still of course).
  10. I like being able to be really funny/silly and profound/serious; makes me very approachable for anything.
  11. I like how cutesy I am (in all respects).
  12. I like the fact that I make a lot of goals to live my life, AND follow through with them.
  13. I like being bipolar – it adds some kind of depth somehow somewhere to my personality.
  14. I like the way I accept being wrong, or accepting when I’ve made mistakes.
  15. I like being able to feel as much as I do.
  16. I like the way I do my makeup (I got skillz!).
  17. I like it that I give people compliments all the time (and yes, I am sincere about it).
  18. I like the way I’m growing up (maturing and the way I’m turning out as an adult).
  19. I like having the ability to change people’s lives (for the better, I hope).
  20. I like being so introspective and extrospective (also, being very observant).

One thought on “Hypomania: A Likely Culprit

  1. I like making lists too. They help to keep priorities in order. It seems we have number 18 in common.

    I have been following all of your entries. Actually I’ve been following them for quite some time now, and I’ve read the ones that you consider your best. The thing is, they’re very personal, which is why they’re so great. But I never know how to response to something that’s that deep and emotional. It almost seems intrusive for me to do so. So I hope you understand why I don’t comment on them.

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