Please oh please believe in anything but me

I’ve been looking all over the internet using the handy dandy StumbleUpon toolbar for about two hours in search of inspiration for a blog entry, but have found absolutely nothing. I want to be able to feel something, express an emotion, write something personal, and share ANYthing with you but I can’t think of a damn thing.

In particular I was looking to be moved by some sort of photograph, and it’s true that they touch me in some form but no thoughts come to mind. This photo really strikes me as poignant, though:

(Click for bigger)

And I suppose sharing the photo is a good-enough post for a day in which I have no thoughts.

That photo makes me both sad and happy. There’s something so serene about it, but the black and white strike me as … melancholic; the lack of color sets the mood, I suppose.

Currently I am on the phone with Vy and Elizabeth so I am a bit distracted but still not finding any inspiration. Ugh, this sucks. Basically I can only really get to writing in my moleskine and not so much on here (for the time being).

I’ll come up with something brilliant soon, I promise.

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