DayJune 17, 2008

A Handbag of Miscellaneous Objects

Yeah… I’m going to have to write another list due to lack of thoughts. *cough* I don’t know, but really just a bunch of really random days stuck in the house without much variety to my day does nothing to help the mind spin. Not saying the days are boring or anything, just … not that exciting. Hopefully there’s more to look forward to soon-ish.

  • Played Oblivion again today. I’m dedicated to re-play the game without thinking about my wonderful long lost character.
  • Vy came over at like noon and just barely left. FUN TIMES w/ Vy! (:
  • I ate a “special sandwich” – some Vietnamese thing with ingredients I’m not familiar with and liked it.
  • The Lakers fuckin’ lost. I’ve never seen them play so badly, but whatever… The Celtics really did deserve to win this.
  • I hooked up my PC today! How I missed my darling lovely.
  • Watched a movie Kyle recommended to me a week-ish ago. ‘Twas awesome.

Inspiring photo of the day:
(Click for bigger)

Great use of color. Looks like a blue fill layer set to exclusion. Ooh, I want to learn how to make HDR photos. Soon as I learn to use my DSLR better… that’s what I’ll do. Eventually.