cmd works for everything apparently

It seems the longer I sit at the computer the more problems there are! The internet was working perfectly fine until it started getting choppy, taking a while to load and sometimes not loading certain pages until I refreshed a couple of times. Then AIM and MSN started signing on/off and that’s when I knew something was wrong.

Windows Live Messenger gives you this nice little option to check what’s wrong, and it kept saying my default gateway was offline. I figure I have a Compact Wireless-G USB Network Adapter (from Linksys) and it’s definitely given me some trouble in the past so I decided to unplug/re-plug it, and then I’d get internet for a minute until it stopped working again.

Alright by this time I was doing diagnostics in the default IP of the router, but that just made my little brother upset because I was interrupting his wonderful WORKING internet. I power-cycled the router, lalala… but nothing.

Finally I came back to my PC and stared at it. Like really stared at it. The network adapter was still connecting to the router/network, but it wasn’t giving me any internetz. So you know, I played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for a few hours to give my poor tired brain a rest.

With renewed energy I came back to my PC and went to the cmd and entered “ipconfig” to see if I was getting a dreaded 169.254.*.* IP address, but I wasn’t! Alright so I then I tried the handy dandy “ipconfig /renew” – and that’s when I got this: “an error occurred while renewing … unable to contact your DHCP server.”

I could have cried.

But instead I used the macbook (what would I ever do without a backup means of internet?!) to google this error and found a solution (after reading around a little bit). Here it is!:

Press Start/Pearl –> Run
Type in “cmd”
Type “netsh int ip reset” and press enter.

This reset some settings or other (you can read about it if you want, but really who cares?)… and my internet finally works!

Yet another technical fix on my mostly very personal blog. Just sharing I guess in case anyone has this problem. The easier to find for people, the better. Just contributing some of my issues and solutions… lol…

Oh, technology.

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