Thx for the reminder Steven-bb. Ilu.

There’s nothing more I enjoy out of a conversation than those that produce some thought. Reveal insight. And that’s why I love talking to Steve. Though he’s not always very nice. ): But anyway, enough about that guy.

I’m going back to UCSB Monday and Tuesday for the meeting and free aspb movie, respectfully. Ah… why do I love aspb so much now? Hah, figures.

There isn’t much to say really.

Uh… been playing on Aelyria a lot lately. ^_^;; I can’t believe I stopped playing for nine months. It’s too fun… and addicting. xD;

Yeah this is an awful post. And I’m not even going to bother finding a pretty image to cover it up.

Devoid of makeup and I like it.

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