Don’t be silly – life’s just exciting.

Wow. I am so incredibly tired. It’s been a long day at UC Berkeley for UC Student Congress 2008. We flew in yesterday night, took a couple HUNDRED pictures (seriously, no joke), went to bed close to 2:30am, and then I woke up at 7:30am. ): I’m so tired of lacking sleep. For the first time in my life I actually appreciate sleep! Woah, I’m getting old.

New friends, lots of inspiration, so many ways to make a difference. This conference is until Sunday. Good stuff. Except I’m so damn tired!!

Ooh my friend Mark from high-school attends Cal and he’s here for the summer so we’ll probably be hanging out sometime tomorrow or Saturday. (: Yeyey!

Argh man… I have so many entries to type up… I don’t even feel like it. ): SOOO much work. It’s past the half year mark and I can’t believe NOW I’m getting lazy with this daily routine. It’s not even that hard. ):

Classes start Monday for me. I’m pretty stressed. My class schedule is way crazy. And two jobs. And just overall busy life. *sigh* Whatever, I don’t like to discuss THIS on my blog. I’m sensitive about it. Hahaha…

Night ya’ll.

Some pics for your entertainment:

Me, Quinn, Paulina

Quinn, Mayra (top), Me (bottom), Paulina

Mayra (top left), Quinn, Me, Paulina

Aww, love QUINN so much!!! And Paulina is so mod and cute. Looool @ her doing “call me ;)”. And aww Mayra didn’t really feel up to taking that many pics. Psssh.

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