Day Before Last

Day 3 of 4 of the conference. I am sooo tired. Sorry for the bad quality in my blog entries. (The sorry is mostly to myself)… I’m not chronicling my experience here at UC Berkeley and the city of Berkeley very well. =\

Ate at a Thai restaurant today. It was okay-ish. I’ve had better for suuuure.

Long day at the conference. 9am to 6pm.

Got in the pool.

And yeah… … … thazzit.

Editz: OH WOW. I got this post in with 30 seconds to spare. O_O; Just barely made it. Lol…

One thought on “Day Before Last

  1. Haha.. I kind of intend to like movies just because of the actors who are in it.. But I guess you are right about the plot.. Pretty weird.. 😛

    And thank you for saying happy birthday 😛 Yeah, still in school.. But since friday my vacation has started (Thank God for that). I live in Denmark, but really, not every school is having a late and 3 weeks vacation.. You see.. The school is kind of like a job where I owe money, so that’s why I don’t have much vacation.. Schools like High Schools etc have a loooonger vacation – but they don’t get money for being there.. 🙂

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