Things You Learn Along The Way

Traveling with other people definitely lets you know just how well you like them. I must say I love Carina even more now. (: And a few others I just got really annoyed at, but then again I was easily irritated at everyone and everything.

For the first time everrrr in my life I was attracted to some guy that didn’t quite come off as intelligent. Almost dumb blonde status, but heyyy he attends UCLA. That’s got to mean something… Omgoodness. At one point he was eating an apple as he read the newspaper and wow… I just wanted to go over there and melt into his arms. Sooo cute. Tbh I couldn’t take my eyes off him. <3 Anyway, I mean… he’s gotta be some kind of smart, but it just definitely didn’t sound it. >_x Arghh…

Thank goodness restaurants near college campuses allllways have vegetarian options. Made my life eassssyyy~ ^^;

UCSA was, I think, for the most part a wonderful success.

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