DayJuly 15, 2008

We Are Surely Not Worthy

I’ve been noticing lately I’m a lot bitchier, more easily agitated… and etc. Being so extra judgmental is no favorite past-time of mine but I still do it all the time, and a lot lately… 🙁 This is so not a good quality and I have no right to judge anyone. My sense of morality is by no means the correct way of life or anything like that.

THOUGH! Today I got accused of judging someone I wasn’t even fucking judging. Bitch is judging herself for sleeping with him and she got all defensive on me. It came out of nowhere and I had to yell to tell her, “I have class from 8 to 12, homework and work in the middle of the day, class from 5-7, and then work again. My day does not revolve around you. I don’t have time to go around judging you.” At which point I just said I had to go to work (I did), said bye, and hung up. UGH. /vent

Anyway, we had a really good turnout for Charlie Bartlett today at IV Theater. Yeeeah. And I love going up on the stage making announcements. (: The first time I was a little bit nervous to go up there but now it’s so easy and just kinda fun. Haha… before the movie we even played a youtube video… the one where the little boy puts his finger in a baby’s mouth and he says, “Charlie bit me.” Looool. It’s was Jordan’s idea to put it up and everyone was laughing. Good stuff~

Aites, this was just a really quick entry as I have two quizzes tomorrow. ): And I had two today as well. Blah. Emo status! So busy…


Click this to see my pain. ): Lol…