We Are Surely Not Worthy

I’ve been noticing lately I’m a lot bitchier, more easily agitated… and etc. Being so extra judgmental is no favorite past-time of mine but I still do it all the time, and a lot lately… 🙁 This is so not a good quality and I have no right to judge anyone. My sense of morality is by no means the correct way of life or anything like that.

THOUGH! Today I got accused of judging someone I wasn’t even fucking judging. Bitch is judging herself for sleeping with him and she got all defensive on me. It came out of nowhere and I had to yell to tell her, “I have class from 8 to 12, homework and work in the middle of the day, class from 5-7, and then work again. My day does not revolve around you. I don’t have time to go around judging you.” At which point I just said I had to go to work (I did), said bye, and hung up. UGH. /vent

Anyway, we had a really good turnout for Charlie Bartlett today at IV Theater. Yeeeah. And I love going up on the stage making announcements. (: The first time I was a little bit nervous to go up there but now it’s so easy and just kinda fun. Haha… before the movie we even played a youtube video… the one where the little boy puts his finger in a baby’s mouth and he says, “Charlie bit me.” Looool. It’s was Jordan’s idea to put it up and everyone was laughing. Good stuff~

Aites, this was just a really quick entry as I have two quizzes tomorrow. ): And I had two today as well. Blah. Emo status! So busy…


Click this to see my pain. ): Lol…

3 thoughts on “We Are Surely Not Worthy

  1. Hello! Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog 🙂

    I think people just naturally judge others – even though we try not to, sometimes we just can’t help it. It’s good to realize when you’re doing it though…but then when others are harping on you, sometimes it’s hard not to judge right back -__-

    I’ll be adding your link once I get my site organized again!

    Yunis last blog post..To-do list

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