DayJuly 16, 2008


Busy day. Tons of homework. Two quizzes. An hour and a half nap due to lack of sleep. On positive news I got to watch So You Think You Can Dance. I allowed myself those two free hours to do with as I pleased (かいてテレビをみました。) Right now I’m studying so hardcore status for Japanese I feel I can sincerely hold a conversation in the language. Yeeeeeah boi. As for Ital 114X… I’m liking The Divine Comedy so far… but the Professor is so vague sometimes and he launches into these tangents on all the references in the poem… and it’s like uhhhh we dun get you. ): And it’s not relevant to anything on the quizzes. Argh. In any case… I reaaaally don’t know how I will keep up with all this daily vigor for three whole weeks… *sigh*

Anyway, I have to study for my vocab quiz now. And then read some more cantos in Inferno.

Baiii. Wish me luuuuuuck & VIGOR. Or better yet stand beside me in solidarity. ^_^;