The City That Never Sleeps

Yesterday night was Love by Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage. Tonight was Bette Midler at Caesars Palace. Both equally great and amazing. The dancing in Love was beautiful<3 Dance is just so… Ineffable, I guess. Bette Midler = hilarious. 🙂 In a good way, of course.

Mm, after the show all of us girls went to the women’s restroom where there was a huge line. Unfortunately women started coming out crying and everyone was wondering what was happening. Security came and that’s when we found out a woman had a miscarriage. :'( Imagining it is just beyond depressing and makes me want to cry. The idea of someone losing their child and sitting helpless in a restroom… Is just more than I can take. *sigh* That’s life I guess…

Mm, we’re all sitting around right now discussing what to do next. Gtg eat dinner now! (:

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