Fall Awareness

I am soooo fucked. I just found out I have to read The Odyssey, The Iliad, Amphitryon, and The Aeneid, all for Classic Lit 30A in the fall. And wow yeah these are haaardcore classics. So hardcore I don’t want to read them anymore. Haha… I’ve alwayssss strayed from these precise books (never heard of the play ’till now) and now I get to read them… Oh such pain!

Anyyyway, Inferno is a delightful read so far. I have to admit I always read it when I’m dead tired, at night, though… and when I have class the next day it’s like er… ohhh so that’s what that means. >_>; Lol. We’re going at lightning speed but I think now that the first week is over I’m a lot less stressed and simply taking it day by day.

I had my Japanese midterm today. Yeeeeah. (; It felt like a piece of cake. And the oral interview from Friday – I got a 20/20. Easy breezy. I just have to keep studying kanji because I KNOW that’s the area in which I’m struggling the most. Worry not! for I have the cutest flashcards ever. Hahah… oh wow.

Trip to Vegas was so fuhreaking fun. (: The last few times the family has gone this year I’ve been unable to due to school, but whatevah… I just had to go this time. ^_^; I got back this morning at 8:30 and my midterm started at 9am. Oh so risky. >_x

Mmkies, sleep soon. And yesterday’s entry = pictures but it’s not published yet.

The multi-tasker’s demiseeee.

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