Show Me Your Love

The entries are coming too soon… After seven months of blogging every single day and now that I’m so busy I just don’t feel I have the time to blog nor the energy.

Emotions running rampant.

Earlier today I was recalling a memory and even though I was alone in my apartment, sitting on the couch, it was one of those thoughts that make you really shy and embarrassed. It made me want to hide under a blanket, close my eyes, and cover my ears with my hands. Hate when that happens.

Mm, wow… so earlier I allowed myself a fifteen minute nap because I was just so very tired and sleepy and I fell asleep instantaneously. =\ I’ve been pretty exhausted lately. I studied some more and then headed off to my class… and as I was walking out I almost tripped. *sigh* It felt like my mind was shutting down and so I immediately went to go get a Vanilla Latte from Starbucks.

Gimme more than 6 hours of sleep and days shorter than 12-15 hours. *cries* Some days I even almost don’t have time to eat or am so busy I forget. Occasionally it just feels like I’m going to collapse on the ground from lack of rest and nutrition.

Eh… have some hw to finish before I sleep.

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