Before The Lights Turn On

Ok… well. Hello, depression.

It had to happen eventually. Happiness is fleeting. Yannoe… just got to wait it out. Wait for tomorrow. Tears in the fabric of my routine. I can’t stray. Just one more week. *sigh* (That’s technically not true… it’s more like 4 more weeks with session F… but can’t think too far in advance or I’ll break down)

The last thing I need right now is loss of vigor. I need it…

Randomly I’d like to say I love my twin’s blogging style. Mad props Victorialee(: Reading her entries inspires me to become a better writer even if her entries are just the mad ramblings of a growing woman. Much Looove to her, man. Seriously.

There are a million things I need to be doing right now. With no motivation to be found. ):

My mother is coming over this weekend… good thing/bad thing? I’m unsure. A little scared, maybe. Things could turn badly so quickly.

So far TODAY three people I follow on Twitter have complained about not being at Comicon. I like noticing trends. Just like everyone was twittering about Dr. Horrible. (Still have no idea who that is or why it’s so cool…)

/end rambling. This is most uninteresting.

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