DayJuly 26, 2008

Backdated: Forgot To Press Publish Before I Went Out Last Night

There is such beauty in this world. It is when people are able to capture it so well in a photograph that it becomes so apparent. I don’t know if in this photograph I rather be the photographer or the gorgeously pale model in it. Both possess talent and have their own means of artistic expression. Definitely the stark contrast of the building with the AMAZING white dress is what makes the image, for me anyway. What makes this stand out so much aside from that is the attention to detail, though. I lovelovelove it.


I’m going out with Nefi and her brothers right now so apologies for the entry. This photo is worth more than my words anyhow. (: *it’s soooo pretty* I almost want to buy it or another by the same photographer on a stretched canvas and hang it in my bedroom… I think I just might.