DayAugust 2, 2008

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I’ve only got a few minutes to get a post in. And I’m tired. So… that means list. Lala… this is filler text so that the list can begin below the metadata. And then I’ll also place a picture at the bottom of this post for prettyness… I went picture-finding crazy today. If only I were that talented… Haha…

  • ASPB Event today at the beach.
  • My cheeks are red… of all days I forget to put my face lotion on (it has SPF somethin’)… And I look more pink-cheeked than normal. *shrugs* It’s cutesy…
  • Sandy and I tanned together! YEYEY.
  • Afterward we put air into the tires of my bike and rode our bikes around.
  • Got Jamba Juice. Chilled. People watched.
  • Went into Sweet Jane’s for the first time. Bought suuuper cute earrings!!
  • Rona left today! Emo… it’s all lonely in here now! (She’s going to Italy for the summer)
  • Unexpectedly Nefi and her brothers stopped on by a while ago. They’re so funny… lmao. They actually listen to rock music, which was weird… and they had me play some of my music (awkward). xD;
  • I got an A in Japanese!! (: Yeeeahhh boi. Now just three more weeks of Japanese… more 8-12. I might age another 10 years these next three weeks.
  • Confident I did poorly in Ital 114X. Hahaha… >>;


I think this image is just stunninggggg. I love it! (: Click iiiit.

Let’s dance together. SYTYCD ends this coming week. ): What ever will I do? What will I watch on TV?! How will I get my fix of dance??? ):