DayAugust 5, 2008

Let’s Be Real

Blog 365 is going poorly. I am pretty sure I have missed a handful of days already… >_>; Maybe/maybe not including those that have never gotten typed up. *shrugs* I’m still making a conscious effort to blog, though, dun get me wrong. Some days I just keep looking at the time and there’s so much shit to get done… that by the time I’m like, “YEZ! All ~done!” it’s past midnight. ): And by then it’s pointless to blog because 1. did nothing worth blogging 2. will not count for the day missed. *shrugs*

Sandy and I built my desk! Yeyyy. It totally did not even take long… it took ~less than two hours. (: And we were watching a movie so the time pretty much flew on by.

Also I’d like to note that two months ago I stopped taking photos of the days (one o’ me and one summarizing my day). I stopped when school ended and I went back home because at one point I didn’t leave mom’s house for like 8 days. Friends came over, and I did stuff… but III never left the house. o_o; So it was starting to get boring, I was forgetting and eventually resolved simply to start again next year. There’s also the fact I lost my digi-cam at the beginning of the year and so some pics were missing. =\ Now my digi-cam is uncharged and in a drawer… >_x; My holga and DSLR are in the cabinet below… My inspiration is dwindlingggg…. ):

My grade for Ital 114X still is not in. Ugh wth! It’s killing me to know what I got (even though it’s probably on the more awful side of the scale).

For a busy college student I’m averaging just a little under 20 hours of work a week. *cries* Okay so yey money ‘cus for ASPB we get paid $10/hr (doing little to nothing), but I want my tiiiime back. *mumbles* And while this has nothing to do with time… I need to eat. After typing the word mumbles I get kind of nauseous.

Lol… >>;; I was just gonna type “kodomo no toki” instead of “When I was little” … >>; My life is consumed by Japanese. NEWAIZ. When I was little if I ate before getting into a car I’d throw up. If I ate after I’d throw up from nausea because I hadn’t eaten. So mi madre had to feed me juuust before arriving at whatever destination for me to not feel sick. Hahah… damn if I were my mother I’d have abandoned me ages ago. ): I’m too difficult.

Oh! And I get migraines too often. And the only way to feel better is to makedamnsure I throw up. After doing so I feel better. Jaa~ that’s me.

Hahaha I have a small crush on my Japanese TA. Lmao. *dies* That’s totally never happened to me before. And he’s mixed… part-Japanese and part somethin’ else… and haha… he’s so cute. And lots o’ other things but I’m mad rambling.

One day I’ll format one of my entries in the VictoriaLee-style. One day.