This Time Last Year

As a small side-note this entry was either going to be titled this or “Usually, You Find Yourself In College” and then start off by saying, “but I’m beginning to lose myself.” So there you have it. A little behind the scenes info. (: The entries would be headed in similar directions, actually, but not entirely. One more introspective than the other. hahaha…

Anyway, this time last year…

  • I had 8 comments on the August 6, 2007 entry. My online popularity is almost non-existant now. OR, there is definite COMMENT ANXIETY. There’s at ~least 10 of you that read this shit on the daily and leave me random comments on LJ, email, Twitter, IM, etc. What’s the deal? Give the domain some love. ):
  • I started Freshman Summer Start Program and began my life as a college student.
  • I was also extremely busy just like now.
  • Quite possibly I was an altogether different person.

Now there’s the thought of getting a little emotional, sharing some inner feelings or whatever… but I’m not going to and I don’t really want to either. One thing I know for certain: I went in the opposite direction of who I wanted to become, but… it’s weird because I accept myself so much more (even though if I were to analyze “who I am” right now I’d hate her).

Oh, and as far as I know I’m not currently depressed nor am I hypomanic. It’s this in-between stage I fear the most… at any given moment my mood can change. It’s in this in-between stage that I am the most lost.

4 thoughts on “This Time Last Year

  1. 1st!!!! k so now you have a comment =) might not be 8 but its quality over quantity right?…..or something like that 😛 and i wonder if its more laziness than anxiety ….. i know laziness pretty well… so i def give you millions upon millions of props for doing what you do at school and here online, you have a stamina for life that ive never encountered before, and you share it with us “readers”. Thanks for that =)

    oh and keep the behind the scenes coming =)

    Eds last blog post..Neo_drone: @Opalina ahhh pic fail!! whats going down on the 805??? im about to leave work how bad is it??

  2. Here’s to let you know that I still read.

    Life’s been hectic, so the comments are happening at a slower rate. But I do read every entry from every subscriber whenever I check in at Xanga.

    This time last year is such a long time ago, or maybe it’s just long to me. A lot has happened since then, and I feel like I’ve aged 10 years. haha

    Anyway, I hope you’re doing well.

  3. Like the 2 others, I try to keep up. Usually check from my phone and it will not let me post comments.

    As long as you accept who and what you have become I don’t think you can ask for much more. I have always tried to think that you should like who you are not what you want to be.

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