DayAugust 8, 2008

Breaking This Fixation

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty emo status today, but I haven’t let it show one bit. In fact today’s been quite fun. Sandy and I got Jamba Juice (hey~ it’s our thing!) and then just rode our bikes then chilled for a while. (: We talked for something like two hours in her apartment… and then finally made the greaaaaat decision of eating at our favorite Japanese restaurant in Santa Barbara. I always always forget the name because it’s partially hidden by some bushes in the front. Lmao.

The conversation with Sandy got me a lil’ sad though… I didn’t say too much, mostly listened, but I couldn’t help but note some similar emotions. And you know, sad stuffz. Yo, wow… I’m getting so bad at expressing myself on my blog.

Oh man, am I hella stressed. And I really don’t know what to do… nor who to ask for some advice. Ugh, I hate constantly having to look/feel so damn strong. Everyone could offer their shoulder for me to cry on, or an ear to listen to me, but I have way too much pride to share my probs with ’em.

I’m beginning to hate you. (:

Yey Olympics! Except I’m not really a fan of it… I loveeee Winter Olympics for the figure skating!! (:

I lack inspiration today. *sigh* Maybe I should take a nap to re-energize…