Wii Olympics

I’m testing out WordPress for iPhone while at an ASPB event. 🙂 We’re hosting Wii Olympics … We have medals, these three podiums for the top winners and etc., and it’s pretty cool. We have some kids here from FSSP.

Awww miss those FSSP days last year. Well, kinda. I was entirely depressed and wholly anti-social last summer. Boy am I glad that extreme depression isn’t attacking me this summer. Dunno what I would do… ‘cus there are too many things to do and just too many committments to even have time to feel emotions so strong. Haha……

Argh, I’m contemplating posting the Saturday post… It’s a little personal. Well, maybe I’ll just keep it hidden and stuff like that. 😀 Yey for cool WordPress functionality.

Uhuhuh. I went to Student Health today for my optometry appointment. I need new contacts. Blah! I’ve been using this pair for ~over a month. That’s really bad for the health of my eyes. Thankfully this brand is pretty legit and works like magic. I’m happy to say my prescription did NOT change. Woot!!! Well I’m still pretty damn blind… But lol… At least it’s the same blindness as last year. And last year it only changed very slightly. Can my vision be stabilizing?! 0: Yeaaah.

Some days I wonder what it is like just waking up in the morning and being able to SEE. 🙁 It’s kinda emo status truth be told. Argh almost wanted to type “not gonna lie”… Been saying that so damn much … (thanks to David lolol).

Mmkies well! Ttyl~

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