DayAugust 13, 2008

Good Morning America!

Heyyyy. I’m feeling kinda energetic right now. Not gonna lie, I took a five-hour “nap” just now. Haha and now that I’m awake it’s time to start homework, after blogging of course.

I got both my midterm and oral performance grades back. On the latter I got 14/15, which is an A-, and on the midterm also got an A- or B+, but not sure on the number out of 50 because we had to turn those back in. Honestly, neither were ~that~ hard, but at the same time I was really freaking out about them. So much so I lost sleep over it. Been having lots of Japanese-class related nightmares lately, ugh. Not pleasant at all!

Worked yesterday and we had just under 200 people at the movie! Not as great as last week, where the final count was 303, but still pretty good for a summer movie, I think! And just gonna reiterate, but I frick’n looove going up on stage and making the announcements. hahaha… I dun gots stage fright really (I say this now, but if I had to memorize lines I’d forget the moment I went up there). The movie was pretty long! 2.5 hrs. And I’d already seen Narnia: Prince Caspian so I couldn’t toletare watching it again; it’s not that great, tbh.

Instead I chit-chatted with Se, wrote in my moleskine, and then called Elizabeth. In all we were on the phone for two hours, talking even after the movie ended and I went home. Haha… chatter boxes, fo’ sho. Love that chica to the extreme. ^_^ Without her I’d probably say I had no true close friends. :shock:

Yeahyeahyeah… time to get to business.

Oh, and argh… was gonna type up what I wrote in my moleskine, but already talked about it with Elizabeth. Seriously, getting REALLY bad at typing up hand-written/elsewhere-written entries. :< Moment I find time I’ll get to it!