DayAugust 14, 2008


yes, that is a dinosaur… (: feeling cutesy, but sad inside~ hahaha
-added after writing entry, just for uhm… kicks-
(haven’t worn makeup in 5 wks… still no makeup here ughhh)

Uh… I always find it sort of funny when people discuss with me just how much they miss their beloved other half. I’m honestly the worst person to talk to and expect some kind of empathy ‘cus uh you know… I’m not attached to anyone. :oops: And like, in my opinion, there’s always next weekend to hang out with your loverperson, yannoe? I feel sort of cruel thinking that way, but dude… people aren’t attached with crazy glue or anything. Let people breathe~ because uh YAH you can live without them, believe it or not.

Anyway, this week fucking flew me by. Just yesterday it felt like I attended my AS Program Board meeting but those are on Monday… and it’s already Thursday. WTH YO. I mean… good thing! It means another week of Japanese is fuhreaking x over!!! (One more week to go… (not entirely true… once fall starts a whole year of it… but I can’t think that far ahead))

Fuck, I feel sick. Like shaky, nervous, scared… PROCEED WITH CAUTION. *nods*

Version 11

Outright sucks. Not gonna lie. This is the most temporary layout uh… ever! Threw this shit together in an hour. I’m working on cleaning out my layout CSS since I have a tendency to re-use it. I’ll be re-coding a new layout soon, from scratch. My goal is to get a new layout up by this weekend! Let’s hope my inspiration does not falter. 😀