A Box of Surprises

My aunt’s coming over in a few hours (one-two abouts), and so I’m doing some extra cleaning on top of my usual cleaning to make it look presentable. Anyway, I’ve had this really pretty box for a while, and it was given to me by my aunt to put a goal inside. Well, it’s safe to say I’m not using the box for that… I’ve been meaning to put all the cards and letters I’ve ever received into it instead of the Tinkerbell bag they’re in now. I kept forgetting and etc., but finally~ today! I went into my stuff and got them out. I knew sorting through them would be fun, funny, but also … certain letters that’d be hidden away in there.

I found some letters from my ex-bf while he was away for Navy training. *turns super red* *groans* And yeah, I knew I had to open them up again to read them. My memory is awful, as everyone ~should~ know, and yeah forgot what they said, really. Anyway, I’mma just post a snippet real quick aites?

“Anyway, bored and waiting for graduation on the 26th of January. Hard to believe it’s only about 5 weeks away. Just got to keep the positive attitude and keep everyone else in line. Well just waiting to see you, especially in a dress”

– HOLD IT! He never had a positive attitude, but that aside this makes me turn red. I feel real bad. Will explain. (He was talking about a wedding…)

“… wishing to be sleeping in your arms.
– Mr. Moodypants”

-ARGH. I had forgotten about that nickname.

The whole thing about this that makes me all nervous-ish and weird-ish is the fact that III ever had emotions for someone else and *gasp* they did, too? It’s almost enough to make me nauseous. I’m terribly uncomfortable with lovey-dovey emotions and it’s just… WEIRD. I feel like I’m reading someone else’s “love-letters” and INTRUDING. I can’t really put in words how it makes me feel, but my face is still real red. Anyway, the reason III feel bad is because you know… I’m the one that just RANDOMLY one day “cut” the relationship. Like seriously. AWKWARD STATUS. *mumbles*

I better go finish cleaning before I get caught up on ze computer. ^_^;;

3 thoughts on “A Box of Surprises

  1. Hey Deller. Well I didn’t know you had a bf before, but I believe i did read that nickname on a post of yours before.

    Is it one of those weird flash-back-, knots in stomach- type of feeling? Woah, haven’t had that feeling in years.

    That’s such a funny coincidence. I used to keep a purse full of letters that friends and I would write to each other during class time. I found it again once and I got this rush of anxiety and annoyance, like “If she really WAS my friend, she should’ve stayed with me when I was passed out.” Hah. LAME. so i threw them away..because, well the past is the past. That way, I wouldn’t run into them in the future.

    So, I think that’d be a GOOD idea, Bri!

    On an ending note: Clean that shit up, shoot. XD

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