DayAugust 25, 2008


About Aelyria

Over one thousand years ago, a powerful race of winged ancients facing extinction forged an empire through blood and conquest. Rather than enslave those whose nations they occupied, they came as liberators and broke the endless cycle of principalities and republics dominated by a single oppressive race. The Kingdom of Aelyria was proclaimed and all peoples were offered the opportunity to embark on adventures, seek out great treasures and explore a vast world in pursuit of prosperity.

What is Aelyria?

Aelyria is the original play by post creative experience on the Internet. Founded in 1989, Aelyria features collaborative storytelling wherein players assume the roles of heroes and villains as they explore, quest, and adventure across a vast original fantasy world designed by contributors and developed by members. Aelyria is host to a thriving artistic, musical, writing, and gaming community that creates compelling content and imagines an epic storyline of magic, romance, mystery and intrigue. Whether adventuring together or fighting against each other, players will form friendships, forge alliances, and compete with enemies for power and glory over a landscape dotted by ruined castles and thriving cities, plagued by monsters and brigands, colored by spellcraft and the gods, and plunged into political intrigue.

Membership is FREE. Enter the world that started it all, and join thousands of other players at Aelyria today!

Game Statistics

Title: Aelyria
Blurb: Aelyria is the original and largest play by post role playing game on the Internet.
Genre: Original High Fantasy, inspired by Faerie Tales, Folklore, Legends, and Mythology.
System: Home Brew, Free Form Moderated Play by Post. Developed since 1989.
Materials Needed: None. FREE to Play.

How to Play:

In Aelyria, thousands of players post stories about their characters over online message forums and bulletin boards; each forum represents a geographical location in a vast fantasy world that has been continuously developed by members for decades. Aelyria is like writing a collaborative fairytale with participants from throughout the world; each member writes about his or her character and the experience is mediated by impartial volunteer moderators who help narrate epic tales of magic, romance, mystery, and intrigue.

What is a Play by Post game?

A Play by Post game is a role playing experience where players post stories about their characters over online message forums or bulletin boards. In Aelyria, thousands of players interact over forums representing geographical locations in a vast world overseen by impartial moderators and stewarded by talented storytellers.

This creates an incredibly rich, detailed and active environment in which interesting things are constantly taking place. Aelyria provides countless hours of game play, with an infinite and open-ended atmosphere for storytelling where the only limit is your imagination. Aelyria is also constantly expanding with new content being added on a regular basis, both by volunteer contributors as well as by a professional full time team, thus ensuring there will always be new adventures, new locations, new creatures and new experiences to discover.

How is Aelyria different?

Aelyria is the first play by post game on the Internet and pioneered the play by post platform, spawning countless imitator sites. Due in part to its groundbreaking innovation and enduring longevity, Aelyria draws from a creative continuity that spans decades and features millions of contributions, including a richly detailed, gorgeously immersive world. Aelyria has been played continuously and iteratively since 1989 and nearly all historical events and world occurrences depicted in the Aelyria storyline have been role played by participating members.

Aelyria is also the largest play by post community on the web and is host to a thriving creative community of talented artists, inspired musicians, imaginative writers, and enthusiastic gamers whose fan works are proudly presented on our award-winning website.

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I play this writing game every day and you ought to join if you enjoy writing, too!! 😀

I Guess It’s Time For An Entry

I’m totally slacking off on the posting, but words aren’t coming easy.

Things are a lot different this summer. And I’m not entirely sure I appreciate all the changes. I’m always really wary of change. Usually change means things getting worse. So rarely do things get better.

Celebrated Auntie El’s birthday this weekend at the only hotel in Downey. It was OK. Nothing special at all. But it’s pet friendly and El wanted Perlita there. The highlight was Elizabeth visiting me at the hotel!!! (: We chatted it up for a little while and fantasized having children together. *lol* <3 that girl so much!!!

Yesterday we went to some Guatemalan fair and then a Guatemalan restaurant. All of it was culturally disappointing. Hahaha. Mom and El started shit-talking “our people” – but ugh! Seriously. Lol.

I’m still in Downey, and leaving tomorrow because I work the ASPB Movie. Ooh! And then I’m working Merch at the Jack Johnson concert on Wednesday. For 12 hours. o_o; Yeah, pretty hardcore. Haha, but whatevz ‘cus I loooove doing merch!! (:

Okok gonna watch some more lame TV shows tonight.