I Guess It’s Time For An Entry

I’m totally slacking off on the posting, but words aren’t coming easy.

Things are a lot different this summer. And I’m not entirely sure I appreciate all the changes. I’m always really wary of change. Usually change means things getting worse. So rarely do things get better.

Celebrated Auntie El’s birthday this weekend at the only hotel in Downey. It was OK. Nothing special at all. But it’s pet friendly and El wanted Perlita there. The highlight was Elizabeth visiting me at the hotel!!! (: We chatted it up for a little while and fantasized having children together. *lol* <3 that girl so much!!!

Yesterday we went to some Guatemalan fair and then a Guatemalan restaurant. All of it was culturally disappointing. Hahaha. Mom and El started shit-talking “our people” – but ugh! Seriously. Lol.

I’m still in Downey, and leaving tomorrow because I work the ASPB Movie. Ooh! And then I’m working Merch at the Jack Johnson concert on Wednesday. For 12 hours. o_o; Yeah, pretty hardcore. Haha, but whatevz ‘cus I loooove doing merch!! (:

Okok gonna watch some more lame TV shows tonight.

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