It Feels Like I’m Losing The Only Thing I Never Had

And it’s all a figment of my imagination. Maybe. No, probably not. Who knows? Who cares? ):

Anyway, I am back home! I got here at 7pm, pulled my hair up real quick style, and walked to work. Love that it’s two minutes away!

Random thought:
Something that sort of damages my conversations with ~___~ is the constant nagging wonder of what !___! would say to ~___~ and then I just come off as not myself. And what I want most of all right now is to be myself. And only myself. Enough of that stupid fake Bri that comes out everyday with everyone.

There is nothing I can really say or type that can really explain my current mood. I’ve cried a handful of times today, if not more, and not for good reasons. Silly little memories/thoughts got me pretty depressed, and with my sad music playing I just couldn’t hold it in. And what’s worse is I was in public, broad daylight, etc. Like I texted Elizabeth, at least it moisturized my contacts. *shrugs*

N___ is not my friend, officially probably considering how rude she always is, her fucking annoying attitude, and the lack of response when I said something on the phone a few weeks ago. Poof! She’s gone from my life. Thank goodness.
S___ is not a ~good~ friend. UGH. I don’t care to explain.

Oh! Tomorrow I’m working merch for the Jack Johnson concert at Harder Stadium at UCSB. (: Yeahhh, love doing merch so much! It’s really fun, you get to talk to a lot of people, and etc. And yey for getting paid. Omg, but I’m working from 1pm to 11pm. Intense hours. My whole day will be gone and I need to get stuff done this week. My week is halfway over already. Gah!

Note to self: Thursday I need to go buy sunglasses. And if I don’t find the model # I want, there’s always online~ haha…


4 thoughts on “It Feels Like I’m Losing The Only Thing I Never Had

  1. Crying is a good thing, it has a releasing effect on emotions. So I think it’s a good thing to cry. And I can relate getting depressed and the reason isn’t a good one, the hard thing for me is getting past it. I’m glad you have something to look forward to though, and I wish you luck in finding sunglasses!

    Victorias last blog post..Tired

  2. lucky punk you get to go to jack johnson! i saw him once like …..OMG 😯 i saw him freshman year of HS …..*feels old* …… but yea he’s awesome lol. hope your having fun merchandising…(is too a verb…watch spaceballs) n i really hope you can find something to help ease the emo-ness … :mrgreen: and hope talking to !___! is cool with ~___~ and that you are ^__^


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