Shopping Does The Soul Good

I need to start with my yesterday to talk about today.

Paulina texted me on Tuesday night asking if I wanted to work merch for the Jack Johnson concert on Wednesday. I lovelovelove doing merch and I immediately texted back that I’d love to, and even though I was hella tired from traveling back to SB from Downey and then rushing immediately to work that night I was so down to do merch the next day.

Okay, so yesterday I headed over to Harder Stadium at 1 and so began my very long day of working merch for the concert. Originally the plan was for me to work from 1pm to 11pm, and the other shift would come in from 4pm and stay until 1am. That did not go accordingly and instead I worked until 1am, for 12 hours straight with only one 10 minute break.

JJ had PALETTES of merch in a huuuuge truck, and I really had never seen so much fucking merch in one tent in my life! Early in the day there were only six of us and wow… it was so hectic organizing shit, let me tell you. ACK. And ughh! As I was hanging merch on the “wall” for display some fucking photographer took a photo of me while I was standing on a table. OH HELL NO. It was so awkward!!!!

I have never held THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of dollars on my person before. Like seriously my hands felt so FILTHY touching all that money!!! ACK. And omg, all 12 of us (6 joined in at 4pm) were barefoot on the grass. We were just running back and forth and there were 5-6 people deep in line all across the tent!!!! It was such a bombardment, a rush, and just damn exciting!!!! (: AHHH Merch is just damn amazing. And I make a cute sales girl. (;

I mean I hate anything to do with selling. I cannot for the life of me persuade ~anyone~ to do anything, especially if they don’t want to. It’s just not what I do! I feel I should not have to convince anyone ever, because it is a waste of my breath and time. But that serious issue aside, selling people really cute shirts is awesome. I know all the sizes, people ask me for my opinion on what I like, etc., and ahhh everyone is just happy all around! I’m not convincing anyone. They’re all vying for my attention to get something they ~really~ want. (: And III get the special honor of helping them pick and choose and find something that suits them/fits them!

Anyway, by end of the night I’m pretty sure JJ made huge money. Like HUGE. It’d be unprofessional to say just how much, so I won’t, but know it was A SHIT TON OF MONEY. He could buy a Honda Accord, no problem, with that money. (Not quite a Lexus or anything more upscale, but dude that’s still a lot of money). I got $250 for that one day’s work. (: Happy happy times! (And I got a free tote bag!!)

Anyway, so I found out one of the guys working lives right across the street from me, like directly across and so we both biked back home together at like 1:30 in the morning… haha… But instead of going back to his place Edward felt like chatting it up or something. We coincidentally found David locking up his bike, coming from work, I think, and we were like ZOMG we all know each other now! haha…. and we went to eat at Freebirds! Lol. OMG! Then we brought the chatter back to my apartment and these fuckin’ guys kept talking about AS until 4am. By then I was like OHN, I need to sleep. I had to CONVINCE them to leave my apartment. Haha, fuckin’ cuhrazy queers<3

I woke up at 10am, got ready, met up with David to find a bike for him to ride, then called up Edward so we could eat at Pho Bistro in IV. Then Paulina called and she joined us! Pho is so damn good, but Pho Bistro’s is mediocre. And wow…. after we got our food walked in Moonie, Jose, and Miguel! And then these other people Paulina knew and we just all knew each other there, no joke! It’s a small place and IV is pretty small too so we were all just chattering away. haha.

Anyway, afterward Sandy, David, and I decided to go shopping! It’s got me in such a great mood!!! Everything was so damn cute on me!!!! Really boosted my self-esteem. ^_^ Normally dresses I’m totally iffy about ‘cus I don’t really think I look that great in them but arghhh… I got three!!

And I got two jeans from PacSun, too. OHHHH MY GOODNESS. We saw Alexis Bledel at Macy’s!!!! She wore a black and white striped jacket, she was so petite, and she looked like a regular girl shopping, except her face is fucking GORGEOUS!!!! She currently has straight black hair, and it’s amazingly shiny.

Anyway, I ended up spending $300… Hahahaha…. pictures later, promise. Everything is sosososososososoooo cute. ARGHHHH can’t stand how cute everything is. I just want to model it all right now. Haha… ^_^;;

Okok time is running out! Need to post this!

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2 thoughts on “Shopping Does The Soul Good

  1. 😯 EPIC POST!!! i dont think ive ever seen you post something this long ever…(haha all 2 months ive read ur blog :mrgreen: ) still extremely jelous that you got to go to jack johnson and get paid for it…. i dont know how you find these awesome jobs…. haha glad you got your spending spree out of the way today =) i bet the stores werent too crowded. and i so called it that the money wouldnt last through the weekend =) so funny i can practically see your smile from reading this post lol im glad you had a great day! well im off to bed i think …im exhausted from all my nervousness today but im glad to be home and not stuck in Tj…. im never doing that again…seriously… GNITE!!

    Eds last blog post.."If you go away, as I know you must. You must tell the world to stop turning till you return again,…"

  2. Hey Deller! Thanks for the xanga comment! ^_^ *made me smile*

    Wow sounds like you had a great couple of days!

    And Damn, you had two men at your place at early hours of the morning????? Giiiiiirl. ….. HMMM.

    You know I’m joking! Ahh, I just had to say it. Lol

    Yesss shopping does the soul good like you say, for sure. Make sure to post of pics of “all the cute things” you mentioned!!

    & that was a long freggin shift. but i’m glad you enjoyed it. i can only imagine how cool doing merch is… 😀

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