One Of Those Nights

I’ve developed a habit of waking up at 11-12. It’s bothering me a little bit. I don’t get to watch The View this way! Haha… okay kidding on that one, but uh my day is gone. ):

Last night after work I did go on my hour bike ride, and silly me – I was listening to Circa Survive and I started crying. Lol… it was so foggy my sweater had ice on it, my eyelashes, too, and then I’m looking all emo and shit and it was just kinda awkward. Thank goodness there aren’t too many bike-riders on campus at midnight.

Just before leaving for my bike ride I was feeling kinda friend-less/lonely (I need RONA back!! She’s back from italy but still at home)… and ~luckily~ David texted me and asked if I wanted to meet him and Sandy at FT after my bike ride. (: YEY! I totally said yes and sometime past 12 I got to FT.

Peeps and I played basketball for a while. It was fun! Love basketball. Ugh, but like I said it was foggy and if the basketball went into the grass it’d get slippery and make for really awful shots. =\ Bummer. We also tried playing volleyball but I plain out suck. Sandy’s OK, and David’s the one that loves it. (: And tried spiking it a few times but wooow… my hand just doesn’t smack that ball hard enough. Haha.

We left sometime after 1am… David ran alongside our bikes. o_o; He pretty much kept up the pace of our bikes the entire way… Well, I mean he was in cross-country before, and I guess he still has some of that strength in him.

Sandy and I are taking a jogging class come fall quarter. *dies a little on the inside* I have the weakest legs of anyone I know. Actually with A LOT of practice I definitely start feeling competitive and push myself harder and harder. (I wish I were VICTORIALEE right now… girl’s a fantastic swimmer and apparently runner now, too) I remember pre-cross-country Eleni and I would run alongside each other and we’d always be the first girls back. I think I’m good at a mile… but distance running just takes a lot out of you. ): But I’ll get better~

ASPB Event Tonight! Free bowling for student’s at Zodo’s from 9:30-12. I think this means no bike ride for me today but that’s OOOOK ‘cus my legs need a break for one night. 😀

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