Don’t Move and Don’t Make a Sound

VMAs yesterday did not make me lol. Russell Brand’s humour was just not to my liking. I mean, he was ~scandalous~ sure, and what he was saying could have potentially been funny, but the delivery man! Seriously, like I just never heard laughter coming from the audience either. Though, fuck Miley Cyrus for saying she didn’t even crack a smile and Jordin Sparks for getting wildly offended about the purity ring bashing. Dude, he was joking. She didn’t need to take it so damn seriously. The whole Disney crowd needs to back away from the VMAs if they’re all going to get offended.

Pink’s performance was damn fucking fierce! And Xtina has not lost her magic touch at all. The remix of Genie in a Bottle was great (uh except she lipsynched wtf) and she’s great. I hated Rihanna’s performance though, but that’s because I hate her music. All the instrumental backings to all her songs are fucking like stolen and shit… nothing sounds original. So idk, I just didn’t approve. And aww my lovely Britbrit was damn nervous, but still fierce! Everyone gave her a standing ovation when she walked on the stage to open up the VMAs. And she won three awards! Yeyey.

Alright, enough of that. Just had to get my lil’ 2 cents on here real quick.

I went running on the track yesterday night!! AHHH. Last night David and I were going to go bike riding, but then we just kinda wondered if the track was open and yah it’s totes always open. David ran so many fucking laps… it’s unbelievable. I did 6. Which is a mile and a half. And damn I am sore today~ but not that badly because I’ve been using my leg muscles and stuffs like that for a while now bike-riding. (:

My thigh muscles are swollen, I can tell, because when I touch them they’re rock solid. haha. I love it~ ngl. Ah, but now that I’m getting my legs in shape my upper body is feeling weeeakk. I need to start exercising that again. (: Ahaha… I love how David, Sandy, and I are getting really fit! It’s so fun! Lol, this is what UCSB does to us. And we wondered, when we got here, why everyone was so freaking fit.

We’re not to the point where we can run in just a sports bra or anything like that (like the other girls here), but even if we were – I dun think Sandy or I would do that. Lmao. One step at a time. xD

My mother’s birthday is on Thursday. I have no clue what to get her. Gah! I gotta think of somethin’ ASAP status~

On a really sad note, a UCSB student jumped off a bridge here in Santa Barbara this morning. *sigh* I’ll refrain from saying anything on the matter.

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