Nightly Builds (and Tips to Happiness)

I just got back from running at the track with David. I jogged 8 laps, whereas yesterday I only jogged 6. And tonight I’m not as sweaty, and not anywhere near as tired. At the end of 6 laps, when David jogged in right behind me with 10 laps under his belt neither of us were that tired and I proposed going for one more. His response? “How about two?” This exchange took less than 20 seconds and as I nodded I took off jogging. This time, David just stayed at my pace for the entire two laps.

Running/jogging with an iPod distracts me so I chose not to have it with me. So here are my thoughts as I’m running.

First lap: Oh this one’s so easy. Wow, I’m back and done with the first lap already?
Second lap: This one seems to take longer.
Third lap: The first three laps are so easy. The second three not so much…
Fourth lap: You’re almost there. Come on. Pull through.
Fifth lap: The idea suddenly comes into your head that you really want to walk. But you can’t!
Sixth lap: Omg, I want to walk. No. No. Keep going. Omg, this is the end. RUN. RUN. Sprint it. THE END.

Right now I’m sitting up so straight my back is hurting. My tummy is too full with water. Towards the end you’re just trying to breath. You’re breathing so hard that taking a sip of water deprives you of oxygen. You can’t do the two at the same time.

The last two, 7 and 8, David tried talking to me. Ugh! That’s bad.  By the end I was just nodding and kept going. Even he doesn’t like talking, but since we were going at the same pace we were talking about the other late night runner that joined us.

He was this muscular guy. Not too muscular, but definitely his arms were defined. He wore a red shirt, just like David, but his was cut so his stomach was exposed. I thought that was funny, but felt somewhat odd wearing my orange shirt. The odd girl out. And yet it was so dark I don’t think it really mattered. He passed me up three times. Always at the same spot. The first time he passed me up, I was thinking, “Omg this is awkward.” And I just automatically slowed down a little so he could pass me up. And boy, he does not know how to breathe.

Getting on my bike right after running felt like climbing a mountain. But I even put my bike on a higher gear and bike-riding back, even uphill was not as hard a struggle as it usually is for me. Fuhreaking sweetness. You’ve no idea how stoked I am for my jogging class come Fall quarter! Sandy and I will be taking it together. (:

Ngl, I was damn sore this morning and I can only expect the horrible pain that will come when I awaken tomorrow. Not really looking forward to it. Well I am, because it means success and healthiness and lalala, but it doesn’t feel pretty. Haha.

Other thoughts as I was running (I was making a list in my head):

Secrets To Make Myself Happy and Advice I’d Give to Get Someone Happy Again

  1. Make a schedule and exercise! Physical exercise comes with its benefits!
    • It improves your mood.
    • Combats chronic diseases and can prevent diabetes.
    • Helps you manage your weight (or heeey~ muscle tone).
    • Strengthens your heart and lungs.
    • Promotes better sleep!
    • Gives you something new and interesting to do!
  2. Spend more time with the friends that matter.
    • Don’t talk to people that bring you down!
    • Laugh~ and be merry. Only good friends can do that!
    • Take every opportunity to hang out and go out. Staying inside all your lonesome is not good (and there’s no exercise in sitting on the couch either).
  3. Pick up a new hobby! For me, this quickly became bike-riding. Sure it was all by myself but it’s quite adventurous and doesn’t really feel like exercise until the end when you’re sweating. (Ah, but don’t forget those old hobbies you used to love but haven’t done in a while. Start ’em up again!)
  4. Read!
    • Yeah, that age old hobby people used to do before television and computers became so mainstream. ): It’s really very entertaining and you get to tell your friends you just finished another book. What could be better?
  5. Listen to fun music! And listen to old music. Those great songs from the 90s (er… or 80s if you’re older) really do bring back the good times. Or try listening to new music! Tbh, I’ve been listening to the Jonas Brothers a lot and looove ’em. (:
  6. Accept yourself. Accept every inch of your body. For most people insecurities come from the physical rather than the mental. Forget it, this is your body so whatever it’s like – love it. It’s not perfect! but who cares?
    • It’s taken me 19 years of life and one whole year of college to realize that zomg~ this is me. And I love it! Anything that needs improvement can be worked on. A little exercise here and there, a little more reading to increase ze brain power, etc.
  7. Think happy! Happiness probably won’t come knocking on your door so put on the happy mentality, pick up your keys and set out to find it.

I know these tips sound extremely cheesy and totally cookiecutter happy girl lalala, but these are coming from a bi-polar (type II) young adult that’s battled through a ton of depression, self-loathing, awful friends, and so much more. Happiness can be real. Forreeeaaal. (Now, I just need to re-read this during my times of need/depression!)

(: Life’s good.

P.S. Who hates all those darn WordPress upgrades? I upgrade and then bam! another upgrade is available again soon after. Gaaah.

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