All-nighters for the sake of RUNNING = the best. Ran with Sandy on the track at 4:20am. 9 laps. (:

I am now back home.

Finished Norwegian Wood. It was love.

I lovelovelove listening to Edith Piaf’s songs. So lovely.

This is all.

One thought on “Tralalala

  1. 😀 just pulled an all nighter too =) …which isnt exactly the greatest thing when u gotta be up at 6 to go to work…but eh watever ill deal with it i guess….. glad to hear your getting motivated to run..whatever hour it may be. you know what you should do the 100 push up challenge with me!!! i started it yes.. tuesday… haha ill send you the link on twitter when i sign on but itd be cool! have a great day Bri !!!

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