Self Deception

At what point do we stop being ourselves?

I haven’t really felt depressed all summer. I am concerned.

Spending time with friends is great.

Celebrating twin aunts’ birthday today even though it’s on Thursday of next week, reason being I’m leaving back to SB tomorrow morning.

Didn’t get into a single argument with any family relatives during my stay! Woah, woah. Forreal. (:

Why is my memory so bad? Mom kept telling me about all the things we used to do when I was younger and I couldn’t recall doing them, at all.

My schedule for Fall quarter for now:


  • Japanese 4
  • Philosophy of Mind
    • Discussion of some central questions about the mind: are people identical to their bodies? What is it to feel, believe, or desire something? What distinguishes intelligent thinking from a computer’s activities? What is the connection between language and thought?
  • Health Psychology
    • Introduction to concepts, theory, and research within the subdiscipline of health psychology. Relationships among behavioral factors, well being, and disease.
  • Jogging
  • Statistics for Psych majors

18.5 units. *cringes* Tbh, I’m probably going to drop Health Psych just because … I don’t know. Wait, why am I setting myself up for faaailure? ): I can do it. I can do it. *nods nods* Friday is freaking fucking awful. Ugh. But whatever, the other days I won’t start until 11. (: Yaay.

One thought on “Self Deception

  1. Hey Brigitte!

    Haven’t stopped by your website in a super long time =]

    I’m taking18 units. I seriously want to drop one of my classes (Worlds Religion) though because I don’t like the Prof’s teaching method X.X

    Anyway, good luck this semester!

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