You Will Not Die…

Listening to Blessthefall is pretty great, especially when it’s so loud you know the neighbors can hear it and even better right after you’ve just finished playing artists like TLC, Coolio, R. Kelly, and Michael Jackson. What can I say? I like me some vaaaried genres of music!

Keeping up with reading for classes really isn’t that bad! It’s all about pacing yourself and really getting down to it every day, without exception (uh except Friday and Saturday are my school-work-free days; that’s my law). All my classes are going very well so far. There are some times with I sort of trip out thinking, “Oh which of these classes am I going to fail? Probably Health Psych, or hmm… nah probabaly Stats.” But then! I read the textbook and it’s so easy to read… and I do my stats homework and I remember how well I did in it in high-school that I tell myself it’s *not* a big deal and then I sincerely believe it. Take it a day at a time!

Never thought I’d say this but Philosophy of Mind is going too slow! I’m so eager to learn more that I want the professor to keep giving us material and really I could sit there for a few hours… because one hour is not enough! Seriously… and I thought I had it bad for Phill 100A which was upper-division Ethics. Hehe… ^^;

Wow this weekend I spent more money than I should have… but oh well… I’m happy with everything I got! Tadadadada lalala lalala… *humming* This song is washing some serious serenity over my body. Hah, that sounds all hippie-ish… ^^;

Next song, next emotion. They’re all so transient. From yesterday.

Here’s to some kind of rebirth.

2 thoughts on “You Will Not Die…

  1. “Here’s to some kind of rebirth.” lol i wish i could do something like that somedays..but whats yours all about?

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